Sunday, August 24, 2014

Miniatures Finished: War Machine, Bishop, Ravenous

Finished up a few Supers last night: 

 James Rhodes, The War Machine! 

Bishop of XSE.

Ravenous, Head Seeker of Annihilus. 
"That which does not kill me makes me stronger. These are not the Silver Surfer. The last of Galactus' Heralds will taste my vengeance." 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

SSUA Issue #4 - Arkham Horror

        Whilst one team of heroes defends the Wakandan Embassy, another is called to assist when Arkham Asylum is raided. A team of top Costumed Mercenaries have entered the Asylum looking for something or someone and have let the population loose to cover their escape. 

A small section of the endless catacombs underneath Gotham; these, directly below the sewer system of Arkham Asylum. 

With other heroes defending the Wakandan Embassy, The Punisher, The Phantom, Batman and Spiderman enter the catacombs to recapture the escaped inmates. (Played by James and Phil) 

A team of crack mercenaries making their escape from the scene of the crime, Deathstroke, Bane, Crossbones and Bullseye; who could they have broken out of Arkham, and why? (Played by Luke and Ross)

The first wave of Arkham escapees, Poison Ivy, Snowflame, Mr Freeze and Firefly, desperately searching for an exit. (played by Malcolm, Brendan and Liam) 

  Spiderman leads Phantom deep into the catacombs, looking for the escapees. 

 Bane and Crossbones move cautiously, keen to cover their tracks. 

 Pushed on two fronts, the escaping inmates stick to the shadows. 

 First contact! Bullseye spots Snowflame and attempts to silence the witness. 

Another inmate, this time Rorschach, leaps from the shadows, tackling the arch-criminal from behind.

Spidey looses web at the fleeing, fiery, fiend Firefly. Ivy laughs at the walking brush-fire. 

Snowflame dodges around the Mercs, making for the nearest exit and attracting fire from Crossbones. Bullets however, cannot stop the man powered by cocaine! 

 Hearing the battle starting, Ivy encourages some new growth. 

The Punisher lines up a shot at at Firefly, centre mass, but not enough to penetrate the pyromaniac's armour. 

Deathstroke assesses the situation before leaping in. 

"I'm not trapped down here with you, you're trapped down here with me!" 

"Ice to see you!"

Phantom comes to the Punisher's aid as Firely continues to dodge around the tunnels.

Even the terror of the underworld is no match for the combined might of Bullseye and Bane. 

  The Ghost Who Walks and Frank Castle slowly wear down Firefly. 

 Ivy encourages cave mushrooms to attack Crossbones whilst Mr Freeze gives him the cold shoulder. 

 "Hey, is this the way to the d-train?" 

 Slade and Batman exchange grim, knowing looks. 

 Enraged, Snowflame grabs Bullseye and uses the assassin as a weapon against Crossbones... 

 ...knocking him cold!

Bane charges in and cops a face full of villain-wielded-villain for his trouble. 

Batman puts aside his ideological differences and comes to the Punisher's aid. 

 Mr Freeze makes good his escape. 

 Spiderman does some pruning, making sure Ivy will be heading back to a cell. 

 Anarky makes use of the ongoing battle to sneak away. 

Bane can't manage to land a hit on the agile Spiderman. Snowflame decides to help, flinging Bullseye at the web-slinger, but hits Bane instead. 

Low on cocaine, Snowflame makes good his exit. 

 Firefly, too, manages to give two vigilantes the slip and get away. 

 "Head-to-toe red? Do you share a tailor with the Man Without Fear?" 

 Bat-Villains flee in opposite directions. 

The Clown Prince of Crime saunters through the catacombs, laughing. 

Doctor Crane escapes to wreak havoc on Gotham once more. 

"I know not who you are clownish madman..." 

"...but you shall not get past The Phantom!" 

Anarky somehow manages to slip past Spiderman and escape! 

Bullseye, on his last legs, slips out between two vigilantes and makes a break for the exit. 

"Hey, ugly! Where you goin'?" 

Two-Face tries to slip away unnoticed. 

"Don't run Harvey, you need help!" 


The Caped Crusader is no match for Carnage's raw power. 

Man-Bat flees in the dark. 

When the heroes finally return to the Helicarrier from both the breakout and embassy attack, Nick Fury gives them the lowdown; 

"I know you put in your all, but the list of missing Arkham inmates includes Maxie Zeus, Calender Man, Ragdoll, Hugo Strange, Clock King, Harvey Dumpsler, Tweedledum and Tweedledee as well as others. We can’t be sure who or what the mercs were after, but I’m pretty certain this attack was linked to the one at the Wakandan Embassy. As of right now, we don’t have much to go on, but sooner or later, Manta or the missing inmates will show themselves."

To be continued in the next issue; Black Adamantium in the Hour of Chaos!