Sunday, December 7, 2014

New York 1998: Three out of Four ain't bad.

With the last club meeting for the year set for December 12, I'm throwing together a little Ultimate Alliance game to both keep the masses entertained and play-test for the big game in May. 
Four teams, crossed objectives and a whole lot of carnage. In an alternate, WW3 Europe, superheroes are the front-line soldiers and no one is tied into copyright or continuity.
An alien spacecraft has crashed in war-torn Berlin and Metahumans from both sides (and more!) have been sent in to recover it.

 WETO (Western Earth Treaty Organisation) Methuman "Alpha Team" 

The Doctor: An alien exile trapped on Earth, The Doctor was in the employ of the United Nations before that entity was superseded by WETO. Unable to leave the planet under the conditions of his exile, The Doctor has moved from UNIT Scientific Adviser to Alpha Team's leader. Despite his aged appearance, The Doctor is quite spry, a master of martial arts and a literal Genius. 

The Hulk: Bruce Banner is the greatest hero the Confederated States of America has ever produced. Once a 90-pound weakling, the brilliant Banner invented a process using Gamma Radiation whereby he was transformed into the Incredible Hulk! Unfortunately, the process seems to not work on any of the other volunteers, so the Hulk has become the most powerful weapon in the WETO arnsenel. 

Aquaman: Atlantis signing the WETO Treaty meant not only unparallelled naval superiority, but also every sea creature within Aquaman's call is a potential solider against communism. Maligned at the start of the War for his "useless powers", Aquaman has outlived many other heroes and proven himself to be a valuable asset in any conflict. Many a "Red" has rued the day they laughed at Curry, only to find themselves looking down the wrong end of a giant squid. 

Snake Plissken: Special Forces Legend, "Snake" Plissken has a reputation for being able to get out of any situation, no matter how dangerous or ridiculous. Despite his lack of superhuman powers, Snake has been a part of more successful missions than any other operative of WETO. Self-reliant, unflappable and stealthy, Snake is a valued asset for the Alpha Team. I heard he was dead, though? 

 MOFO (Mutant Official Freedom Organisation) 

Leonardo: The last survivor of a cadre of mutated animals, Leo has taken on a quest of his own devising, to create an independent Mutant State in the radioactive wastelands left by the war. A brave warrior and dependable leader, Leo keeps the otherwise troublesome MOFOs focused on their goals. WETO and GSS incursions into what Leo considers "his" territory will be met with nothing less than deadly force. 

Wolverine: Older than dirt and with a body count rivaling Smersh, Wolverine is the most wanted independent metahuman in Europe, Asia and Antarctica. With a reputation for killing everything and everything in his path, many wonder just what deal Leo has struck with Wolverine in order to keep such a creature focused on the enemy and not on the hundreds of mutants around him every day. 

Liz Sherman: A fire-controlling psychic with an axe to grind against the CSA, Liz threw in her lot with MOFO after her former employers tried to have her killed. Liz cares little for nations or ideology, so long as she gets to light a few soldiers on fire and watch them burn. 

Killer Croc: Croc likes to eat girls. Goes on "special dates" with the chewy bits, Nobody likes Croc. 
Global Soviet State 

Crimson Dynamo: CD was a joke in the Motherland until his defeat of the arch-capitalist Iron Man cemented his status as the number one hero in the Global Soviet State. Made from state-of-the-art 1980s technology, CD is a walking (flying, for short distances) tank, with enough firepower to take on the mightiest of capitalist super-pigs. With Crimson Dynamo, the sunrise is always red for the GSS. 

Wonder Woman: Many were surprised when Themyscira turned Socialist (seeing as it has a hereditary monarchy), but the real shock came when Diana started dropping WETO jets from the sky with her bare hands. More than a rival to the West's greatest heroes, Wonder Woman strikes fear into WETO soldiers with her bulletproof bodice and lasso of truth. Those boots are made for crushing skulls. 

Green Arrow: Former Industrialist Oliver Queen defected to GSS to further his dreams of Socialism, the rights of the worker and the progression of the glorious five year plan. Queen was hardly a major propaganda coup, with his boxing glove and buzz saw arrows, however, his skill is more than enough to silence most critics. 

Kraven the Hunter: Descended from Russian nobility, Sergi Kravenoff was living, in exile, in the CSA when the war broke out. GSS security forces offered the White Russian a pardon, as they were desperate for more metahumans to compete with the West. Kraven is well-aware of the tokenism of his position, but feels that the compromise is worth it to have his family's estates and titles returned. 

Still haven't finished the alien team for the game, hope to have them finished before the week is out. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Miniatures Finished: 3 Snakes, a Time Lord, a Merc, a Herald and a God

Getting a confirmed date for Little Wars Melbourne was just the kick in the pants I needed to get back to mashing out minis for Ultimate Alliance: Annihilation. Lots of progress to share! 

 Three snakes: Solid Snake, Snake Plissken and Snake Eyes. 

 Solid Snake (forgot the manufacturer sorry) and the ubiquitus Box; his "Invisible" marker. 

 Snake Plissken (Hasslefree), I heard he was dead? Snake Eyes (Reaper), I've never heard a peep out of him. 

 The [3rd] Doctor (Crooked Dice) and Grifter (USX). 

 Terrax the Tamer (Clix), perhaps the most feared Herald of Galactus! 

 Annihilus, the Death that Walks! Can't have Annihilation without this bad boy!