Monday, January 6, 2014

Alternate Supers: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

So this is one of the main reasons I wanted to start this blog, too many ideas for heroes and never enough time to make them all. The idea with this series is to look at alternate ideas for and/or incarnations of superheroes in the hope that it can kick-start someone else in the hobby. 

First cab off the rank is Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue 

Now, I haven't really watched Power Rangers in twenty years, but I started watching this on a friend's recommendation: . I found myself interested in Linkara's passion for the franchise and ended up watching the entire thing. If you just want to skim the bullet points, there's always the Wikki:

What I failed to realise when I was 6 was that Power Rangers were indeed Superheroes, complete with secret identities, powers and wise mentors. That said, a team of 5 almost identical supers in bright spandex never really appealed as a miniatures project... until I learned about Lightspeed Rescue. Unlike other Rangers, the Lightspeed Rangers are entirely products of human technology and ingenuity. They work for what is essentially a military operation, acting as an elite force to handle situations that normal search and rescue cannot. Also fight monsters, hey, it's Power Rangers. Also, the team has no secret identities and operate out of a giant submarine base commanded by a classic "stiff-upper-lip" officer type. In a sense, Lightspeed Rescue is an odd mash of Power Rangers and International Rescue.

Now, if you managed to get through at least a little of the video, you'll have noticed the snazzy jacket and wrist morpher combo that the Rangers sport when not in spandex to fight evil; personally, I think a uniform like that for fighting evil would be pretty funky and would keep the core theme (of Super-Rescue) without too much of the "Teenagers with Attitude" stuff. Seriously take an axe to Lightspeed Rescue and what you get is an emergency rescue team, given powers with advanced technology, working for a SHIELD/International Rescue[ish] organisation and fighting alien monsters. Pretty cool huh? 

To get you started: I'm thinking, Super Agility, Martial Arts, a ranged attack and maybe some kind of force field for heroes like these. 

- James 
"It's morphin' time! 


  1. *clicks the next button* Never was a fan of Power Rangers, watched a ton of it with my nephew when I lived with my sister and her family.

  2. I can't stand it myself, but there are some good ideas to be had.