Thursday, May 29, 2014

Supers and Systems: Envoys of Doom - Part 1

So I tend to post a great deal about SuperSystem and my Ultimate Alliance variant, but I do play other games as well. Probably my favorite kind of game is the "gang skirmish", when a small team of minis gains experience and new members over the course of a campaign; I played Necromunda almost exclusively for a good 5 years. Having grown away from the GW market, I find myself playing gang games like Empire of the Dead and the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, both of which are a great deal of fun. 
However, just because I'm not playing SuperSystem doesn't mean that I can't play with supers. So this will be the first in a series of attempts to sneak Superheroes into other games and genres. The idea is a narrative game of Empire of the Dead to run in a "convention" style, a quick and fun little game that demonstrates the system. 

The Envoys of Doom

I'll improve the game blurb as I go, but the basic idea is that Victorian and Gothic heroes have to stop a ritual being held by foul cultists attempting to usher in the end of the world. The usual Penny Dreadful/Doctor Who/70s BBC setup, a ruined church in the wilderness, dark magic, poor lighting and gravel quarries. 

The Heroes
Players will be able to choose from individual or small teams of heroes to take on the cultists. 

At the moment all I have are Alan Quartermain and Edward Hyde, I'm thinking about adding Tarzan, maybe Victorian Batman, Holmes and Watson or anything else that takes my fancy. I'm not too keen on Batman, I've found that nothing kills a game faster than Batman. 
Alan is Ironclad, Hyde from Wyrd. 

The Cultists
Can't have the end of the world without insane cultists, and everybody knows that Cthulhu cultists are the best insane cultists. 

In game terms, the cult will be a Holy Order with modified Arcane Powers. I'll be getting a few more Eureka cultists to help with the unholy ritual. 
Minis from RAFM, Reaper and Games Workshop. 

Aggressive Flora
Strange magical transformations of the local plant life have been happening. 

I may get another couple of shrooms, these will act as a potential hazard to the heroes and I'll probably use the Clicker or Lycoan Rules. Minis are Reaper and Dungeons and Dragons.

Big Nasties 
Should the ritual be completed, varying forms of alien creature will turn up to wreak havoc. 

Not quite sure how to run these yet, will burn that bridge when I get to it. Minis from Fiendish Fabrications, RAFM, Reaper and Horrorclix. Realised as I posted this that I have an already-painted Black Cat Bases Shoggoth to work in as well. 

Watch this space, more to come...  

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