Saturday, September 20, 2014

SSUA Issue #4.5 - The Mysterious Island

To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day, my local club (see the NWA Home Page in Links) put on a variety of Pirate-themed games, my own effort involved Superheroes (of course). 

In an attempt to track Black Manta (see SSUA Issue #3), The Phantom enlisted the help of his daughter, Jedda; together they discovered that Manta had sided with the Singh Brotherhood and was hiding on one of their many secret island bases. Worse still, the Singh Brotherhood has taken hostages, so the Walker family will have to be careful. 

 The secret Singh Brotherhood base. 

Manta and the Pirates patrol the island, keeping a sharp eye out for any purple-clad do-gooders. 

Manta himself is the one to discover The Phantom hiding inside a barrel. Hero and villain trade blows, leaving both staggered, The Ghost Who Walks is forced to retreat. 

Devil brings down the Aquatic Villain in record time, getting revenge for Flash Gordon's defeat! 

The Pirates discover the craft the Heroes arrived in. 

Jedda and Kisa leap from hiding to join the fight. 

Hearing the sounds of gunfire, the Pirates rush to help their comrades. 

Their weight of fire is enough to bring down the Ghost Who Walks... 

...sending Devil into a frenzy! 

Jedda takes cover with one of the hostages. 

Kisa sets about thinning the number of pirates. 

Weight of fire brings down Devil before he can rejoin his master's daughter. 

Jedda emerges from hiding, guns blazing! 

Kisa tears through pirate after pirate... 

...until her luck runs out and they get the better of her. 

Two pirates corner Jedda, but she holds her ground and sends them both to the locker! 

Jedda frees the first hostage (an important objective, remembered only when the bullets stopped flying). 

An injured Jedda prepares to make her last stand. 

Luck is with the Walker clan, and the last pirate is defeated! 

This was a really fun, and tense game, it looked like it could go either way several times. Thanks to Brendan for the terrain and Phil and Michael for playing.

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