Sunday, October 12, 2014

Heroclix Victorian Regionals 2014

I had the pleasure yesterday (12/10/14) of running the Victorian Heroclix Regionals. Even though I didn't play, and don't tend to play Heroclix, it was a pleasure because of the great crowd that play the game in my area these days.
I played a fair bit of Heroclix back when it came out in 2003-4 because in my 40K-centic wargames universe, it was the only game that allowed me to play Spider-man and Doctor Doom. As is my story with most collectible games (the blind-packaged ones), I got sick of having to buy so much to keep up with the other people playing, so I moved onto other things.

The game is still very much driven (at the tournament level) by the expensive and rare figures, and things like relics, resources and tactics add a great deal of complication to the game. That said, the basic system and the combat dials have improved over the years and watching some of the games got me a little inspired to maybe try some clix again, perhaps in a style a little more like my Narrative Ultimate Alliance games. 

Anyway, without further ado, here are the standings for the event: 

1st - Steve Austen
2nd - Ryan Dessens
3rd - Chris Dessens
4th - Earl Dacanay
5th - Clinton Gale
6th - Faisal Jalal  

And a few pictures, I didn't get too many because I may have got distracted playing RetroDBZ. 


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