Sunday, January 11, 2015

Miniatures Finished: Black Widow, Big Daddy, Quick Civilians

The pile of miniatures to finish for Little Wars gets steadily smaller, with Big Daddy and a new, improved, Black Widow joining the fight! 

 Finally figuring out how to get depth when painting black. 

 Big Daddy from RAFM. Not much of a fan myself, but the figure was too nice not to pick up. 

 Reaper Not Black Widow (Natalia?) great sculpt and very fun to paint. May get another to do up a Molotov Cocktease. 

 Also was inspired by the LAF and tried dipping some Heroclix for fast and easy results. Pepper Pots, Moria McTaggart, Justin Hammer and Frank Drake became civilians pretty quick. May have to order some more cheap clix that look like normal people. 

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