Sunday, March 22, 2015

Miniatures Finished: Centurions, Ladies in Red and Playboys

The pace is really picking up, only 13 minis left to paint for the big game. 

 Annihilus' Centurions, an army of 100 super-powered aliens! I did ten, because it seemed a bit more reasonable. 

 Some D&D Minis get double-duty as alien supers. 

 Some repainted Heroclix, they will also form an SS4 team at some stage. 

 Gamora and Starlord, both Clix. I will eventually replace these with their comic versions, but the film look will help with the display games. 

 Elektra and Scarlett Witch, both Clix. 

 Warren Worthington III is The Angel. Clix, but another really nice one, great sense of movement.

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