Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fuzzy Logic - SS4 AAR

Let the corruption begin! Last night I got Fuzzy (see the "Little Lead Men of Valour" link to the right) into a game of SS4 with a couple of my small teams. The scenario was The Rescue with The European Union Super Soldiers (played by me) defending the buxom newsgirl from USAwesome in a classic hero team "misunderstanding". The game was played on my WIP Empire of the Dead Necropolis table as a game of EOTD had just finished.

 Saladin, Victoria and Richard the Lionheart guard the defenseless woman. 

 McHero and The Second Amendment approach from the woods... 

 ...whilst The Frontier Spirit goes for a flanking maneuver.

 The Second Amendment opens fire, with little effect. 

 Saladin makes a charge for McHero, not wanting to be on the receiving end of his powerful bulk. 

 Victoria closes in to negate The Second Amendment's ranged superioity. 

 The Frontier Spirit wounds Richard the Lionheart with a crack shot of his ghostly six-shooter. 

 Richard and the prisoner take cover behind the church. 

 The Second Amendment is no match for Victoria's flashing blade. 

 The appointed defenders of Turkey and Italy stare down the product of Fast Food and Political Pressure Groups. 

 The combined might of Saladin and Victoria is not enough to so much as scratch McHero. 

 McHero injures Victoria gravely, but the rescue chopper has arrived and the game ends in victory for the European Union Super Soldiers. 

A fun little game to introduce the basic concepts for a new player, I really want to bump some of the teams up to five members to get some real comic book action going! 

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