Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Superhero Media: Superhero Movie

Woeful. Rarely funny. Another of those "why did I bother?" moments in the colourful history of Superhero Media. Ok, so it didn't cost me anything and I was painting miniatures at the time, so I can hardly call it time wasted, but it was close. What really bugged me was the cast. Look at this list of names; Leslie Neilsen, Tracy Morgan, Jeffery Tambor, Brent Spiner and Christopher McDonald. How is it possible to make a piece of tripe with that list? The Abrahams/Zuker combo (of Flying High Fame) could have turned out a comedic masterpiece with a cast like that. Instead we get a meandering, mediocre plot peppered with jokes about teenage hormones and nonsensical celebrity cameos. 

The, perhaps, one redeemable factor of the film (aside from Leslie Neilson, whose genius can not be dulled by anything) is the villain, whose name I do not reacal, but is a poor rendition of Norman Osborn; after an industrial accident of some kind, the owner of a big corporation that does science can now absorb people to make himself superhuman. There may also be something about him dying without doing the absorbing thing, but I forget as the film was too poor to make me care much. Extrapolating the data with a computer, the villain figures out that if he kills like, 100,000 [?] people, he'll be immortal. Now that's actually a pretty good motivation for a villain. In fact, it's a good motivation for a super-powered character in general. Pity it was in such an awful film. 

Umm, what else can I say? Superhero Movie was bad and I don't recommend watching it. Sure there are some funny moments here and there, but YouTube exists for you to see those without sitting through the whole thing. Go watch Flying High or Naked Gun or Top Secret instead, same basic idea but actually funny. Pretty much nothing here of value for Supers gaming. 

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