Thursday, July 21, 2016

Superhero Media: Super Buddies

God I watch some crap for these things. Seriously, I must have a problem, because every time I see a vaguely superhero-ish film on TV or Netflix, I have to watch it and add it to the Superhero Media backlog that never seems to go away completely. In this crapfest, some puppies get super-powers from magic collars that come in bags of dog food and decide to fight crime because what else would you do? The dogs have "personalities", in that they have a single defining aspect, such as food, sports, racism and being a girl. This review is going to be more a collection of bitter ranting about the quality of entertainment for children than an in-depth examination of superhero tropes as they are explored in different media. 

I was lucky growing up, the Disney Renascence was happening, classics like Watership Down and the Narnia books were readily avialble. Yes, crap like Street Sharks was on television, but there was quality available and it did better in the market. Most people of my vintage have only hazy memories of Street Sharks, but Batman The Animated Series and Animaniacs are firmly etched in our minds. I really hope that this dog turd of a film is soon forgotten and no children attach fond memories to the one girl dog getting princess powers and the puppy clearly voiced by a very white man saying "yo dogs" every thirty seconds. The evil alien is defeated with the powers of love and friendship and the whole sorry mess lasts just over an hour.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this garbage? Yes, go read We 3 instead and see how this concept can be done better. Hell, check out Cosmo the Space dog in Marvel comics or some of the newer work done with Krypto. Pet Avengers is pretty good for a joke comic and Thor, Frog of Thunder is always good for a laugh. The difference with those examples is, of course, that someone gave a crap and put a modicum of effort in. But hey, Super Buddies is only for your kids right? Who cares? 

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