Sunday, November 6, 2016

Guardians of the Frozen City - Part II

"I'm tellin' ya, I saw a buncha' them magic dealies in some buildings over 'ere," spat Pip around the stub of cigar clenched in his teeth. 
"Yeah, yeah," grumbled Quill, "we'll take a look, but I still don't get how you ended up on this planet in the first place?" 
"Hey, I heard that my ol' buddy Warlock was putting a team together, so I got myself 'ere," Pip waved his arms around for emphasis. 
"That fails to answer the question, Pip," muttered Warlock, almost to himself. Pip was about to spin a tale of his own heroics when the bass monotone of Drax inturruped. 
"There are more of those primitives ahead," he sniffed the air, "and they mean to start trouble..." 

Game two of the campaign was a three-way battle between myself, Neil and Tom, using the "Haunted Houses" scenario. The game ended in a tie of two treasures each, but I got away with a great deal more experience thanks to some good rolling and some advantageous rules. 

 An enemy Wizard summoned a wall of fog... 

 ...which both of the Guardians' opponents utilised to hide from each other. 

 The Guardians take up a defensive position and bide their time. 

 Warbands sneak through the ruins, not wanting to get blasted by spells. 

 The Guardians advance on the primitives that have taken more casualties, hoping to keep more artifacts in safe hands. 

 The locals can be slippery, however. 

 Spellfire flies around the ruins between three wizards, the damage is brutal. 

 The mundane members of various warbands hunker down in cover from magical bolts of death. 

 The Frozen city is no place for the faint-hearted. 

 Cosmo and Vance Astro secure a treasure. 

 An enemy soldier, under the control of Warlock's Soul Gem, attacks his teammate, while Drax moves in to mop up the survivor. 

 Even with their technological superiority, the Guardians cannot prevent the primitives escaping with some of the dangerous artifacts. 

 Gamora is keen to see that no enemy can escape her wrath. 

 However, a lost Initative roll means the enemy escapes with the artifact! 

 From his commanding position, Adam Warlock surveys the carnage wrought in the name of saving the Galaxy and weeps inwardly. Can't these primitive humanoids appreciate what the Guardians are trying to do for them? 

Ok, so game-wise, this was a much better turn for me; my rolling was great and my spells combined to devastating effect. That said, it kind of highlighted the disparity between some of the spells and spell lists, I don't know why anyone would consider taking a Witch, for example. Again, the lack of morale rolls chafed, as both my opponents took heavy casualties, but stuck around to pull out a draw. I'm not bitter that I didn't win, I'd rather have a fun game for all involved, but it "feels" odd, as I'm continually comparing Frostgrave to Necromunda and Judge Dredd. May be a couple of weeks until the next game as I'm away from club for a bit. Still plenty of content to come though, so stick around. 

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