Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Miniatures Finished: Wave 1

Been steadily working on my Annihilation wave so that I can use the collection as a Veer Min army for Firefight. 

 "Nightmares", heavy infantry with a variety of weapons, converted Heroclix Hulks. 

 "Maligni", veteran infantry, Mantic Dreadball teams. 

 Maligni special weapons, converted Mantic. 

 "Night Terrors", giant killer monsters that hide in infantry units, kitbashed from Tyranids and Chaos Spawn. 

I'm hoping to do a few more games in the near future where I use systems like Firefight, Lion Rampant and Black Ops to play Supers games, which is why these bugs got a new coat of paint. Stay tuned!

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