Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Kill Team Aesir - Part II

Finally got another Kill Team game in with my Deathwatch at the last club meeting. Deathwatch versus Death Guard, playing the "Terror Tactics" Mission. It was a pretty close game and a lot of fun, we're definitely going to have to look at a campaign in the near future. I'm still a bit behind on my painting though, because not all of the parts I need have arrived and I'm making myself paint my Imperial Guard Kill Team first. 

Called to investigate possible Xenos activity in an Imperial Hive City, Kill Team Aesir (Volstagg, Fandhal, Hogun, Heimdall and Thor) move through a ruined area. 

 Death Guard forces gather. 

 Volstagg lines up a shot with his powerful Frag Cannon. 

 First blood to the Deathwatch as an enemy of the Imperium is destroyed! 

 The Mighty Thor charges into single combat against a champion wielding a Great Plague Cleaver. 

A flail-wielding Death Guard decides to challenge the Warriors Three. 

Whist Fandhal duels the Chaos Marine, Volstagg blasts away the Death Guard Champion, proving nothing can withstand the might of Asgardian weaponry. 

"Thou were a fool to challenge the Mighty Thor!" Mjolnir slays another foe in one fell swing. 

Things start to look bad for our heroes as Plague Spewer and Flail cause minor injuries to all of the Warriors Three. 

Thor makes a valiant attempt to take out the Plague-Spewer, but a misinterpretation of the rules leaves the Scion of Asgard in the dirt. 

 Things go from bad to worse as the Flailing Death Guard takes down first Fandhal then Hogun.

Volstagg mops up the last minions and the game falls the way of the Deathwatch, with the Death Guard resolve breaking. 

Despite the reputation on the internet that both Deathwatch and Death Guard have for being "broken" factions in Kill Team, the game was quite balanced and could have swung either way at a couple of points. It helped that neither my opponent, Adam, nor I are particularly interested in playing "unbeatable" armies. I'd really like to get my table and Deathwatch done soon, but time is still tricky for me for a couple more weeks. Once my parts arrive, I'll aim to have the team done by the close of the year. 

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