Sunday, February 9, 2014

SSUA Issue #3 - Embassy Attack!

The Wakandan Embassy is under attack by Super-Terrorists and the team must race to prevent an international incident. The Police have blockaded the Embassy, but, to make matters worse, a local gang have just robbed a nearby bank and are escaping under cover of the conflict.

The defensive line in front of the embassy. Jim Gordon leads SWAT 4, John McClane and Robocop (all played by Brendan).

Two-Face tries to escape with the 2 Million he stole from the 2nd National bank on Tuesday with the help of Clayface, Hydroman and some hired goons. (Played by me)

Black Manta leads Juggernaut, Constrictor and some Mercs to attack the Embassy. (Played by Leith and Greg)

The heroes coming to help, Flash Gordon (played by Phil), Captain America (played by Tim), Thor (played by Liam) and The Thing (played by Nick). 

...And it's usually such a quiet part of town... 

Two-Face's Thugs move forward to clear a path for their boss. 

The Mercs use the alley for cover. 

McClane moves forward to take a shot at the Thugs. 
 With devastating effect.

The SWAT Team move in next... 

...and clean up. 

The Assault Team moves in, hidden by the shootout raging down the street. 

Two-Face makes a dash for cover. 

The Mercs spot something in the distance. 

They open fire on The Thing, their high calibre weapons managing to injure Aunt Petunia's favorite nephew. 

 Cap moves in to stop Hydro Man. 

As Cap and Hydro Man clash, McClane and the SWAT team open fire at the villain. 

The Thing returns the Merc's fire with a handy tree. 

This gives Juggernaut an idea and he hurls a handy civilian at Thing, blinding him with gore.

Clayface moves in to help Hydro Man. 

Black Manta pushes ahead. 

Thor has an idea, and grabs a nearby propane tank. 

The God of Thunder hurls the volitile tank and his watery foe. 

The explosion damages Hydro Man, but knocks out Cap! 

Juggernaut returns the tree to The Thing, knocking him unconscious. 

Sick of Robocop trying to arrest him, Clayface charges in to rip him apart. 

The battle between the liquids and the solids rages! 

With the SWAT Team's fire telling! 

Flash Gordon uses his Ray Gun to keep Manta pinned down. 

Manta isn't happy and calls for backup. 

Clayface and Robocop give the Police department a show. 

Some daring Thugs try to get a name for themselves firing at Black Manta. 

Villains gang up on Flash....

...but even machine gun fire doesn't bother the savior of the universe! 

Flash dives for cover but Manta won't let up! 

An injured Flash is no match for the would-be dictator. 

The last remaining hero, Thor uses a handy truck to finish off Hydro Man. 

"Shoot! Before he kills us all!" 

Weight of fire finally brings down Clayface. 

Constrictor is sick of the Thug's attempts to take down his teammates... 

...his deadly coils sort the problem out. 

Thor mops up the last Mercs. 

Titans clash! 

McClane surveys the destruction, feeling oddly at home. 

Manta doesn't want to see a fair fight today. 

The last few Mercs wade in, hoping to turn the tide against Thor. 

Gordon considers the situation. 

The police open fire, wiping out Manta, Juggernaut, the Mercs and even Thor!

Seeing that the day is lost, Constrictor makes his escape. Leaving an unscathed Police force the only people standing at the end of the day. The embassy is safe. 

Thing, Thor and Cap were badly injured and rushed to hospital, where they'll be for a little while. Flash was only scratched by a hurried and overconfident Manta, so once again, he'll be seeking more help for the team. 

After the battle, Flash caught up with Nick Fury: 

"Someone has been putting a great deal of funding into Black Manta’s private war on the West, how else could he afford people like Juggernaut and Constrictor? The change of target from Atlantis to Wakanda is also interesting as Manta is more motivated by ideology than by money, so he can’t be after the Vibranium horde. All signs point towards someone with big money and big influence pulling Manta’s strings."

To be continued in Issue #4: Arkham Horror!

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