Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Super Teams: The European Union Super Soldiers

The first of my Hero teams for my Equalisers setting: 

European Union Super Soldiers

Victoria, Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, Jean d'Arc, Herakles

Following the appearance of The Equalisers in 2009 and the subsequent Methuman Soldiers Treaty of 2011, the European Union started to invest in a team that could protect EU member states from rouge Meathuman threats. The result was the EU Super Soldiers, a team of elite soldiers, hand-picked from each member state and equipped with the latest weapons and equipment. Each member of the team assumes the identity of a national hero of myth or history, so that the role can continued to be filled should that soldier be forced out of action.
Each Super Soldier is equipped with high-tech armour that, as well as being totally resistant to small-arms fire, increases the wearer’s strength and agility to superhuman levels, even enabling prodigious leaps and running speeds in excess of 50kmph. Each Soldier is also equipped with the Hero Blade, a diamond-edged, ceramic sword which is almost unbreakable. As well as being deadly sharp, the flats of the blades feature stun panels for subduing foes non-lethally.

Saladin: The Super Soldier for Turkey, Saladin, as the most experienced and highly decorated, often acts as the leader of the EU Super Soldiers when more than one of them is deployed to a situation. The current (and to date, only) Saladin is outspoken on many contentious issues, especially the treatment of Muslims in Western Europe and Palestinian land rights. As the Turkish government does not see fit to remove him, however, Saladin is the longest serving member of the EUSS.

Richard the Lionheart: The third to use the armour and title, England’s Richard is a man of few words, preferring to let his sword do the talking. After the first Richard was killed in the Blackwing Attack and John Fallstaff (The Anachronism) returned to The Equalisers, England decided to weave a tighter net of secrecy around their Super Soldier. This has led some to suspect that England has more than one Richard active at a time.

Jean d’Arc: The French addition to the EUSS is the most recent, the motion to create one having been repeatedly defeated in Parliament. The only Super Soldier, other than Saladin, to not hide her identity, Jean’s privacy and identity are still closely guarded because of her history in the French Special Forces.

Herakles: Rumour has it that that Greece had to borrow heavily from Germany in order to afford a Super Soldier, which may go some way to explaining why the Herakles armour is far more primitive than its counterparts. Herakles does not possess a Hero Blade, so must resort to battering opponents with his crushing fists.

Victoria: Named after the Roman Whim of Victory, Victoria’s armour harkens back to the great Roman Republic, making her an overnight sensation in her home country. Just how Italy came up with the money for a Super Soldier is something of a mystery, though Mafia involvement is often hinted at. Victoria occasionally demonstrates a tactical awareness that borders upon prescience, though Italy assures the world that it would never break the Metahuman Soldiers Treaty. 

Closeups of Victoria and Richard. 

Saladin, Herakles and Jean

Saladin, Richard and Jean are from Infinity, Herakles and Victoria are from Reaper. 

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