Thursday, March 20, 2014

Minis Just Finished

Haven't managed to get too much painting done lately, as I've been more focused on assembling miniatures I'll want later in the year. I did get these few done, however: 

Plastic Man, Ultimate Scarlett Witch and Crossbones. I have another Plastic Man in a more "Normal" pose, the idea being the minis can be swapped out when he "hides". 



  1. Didn't see the mail box plastic man! I saw the glider and the other one. The Witch is pretty cool, easy to repaint into smething else.

    1. I've had Wanda for years, I started an Ultimates/SHIELD 40K army back in 3rd Ed, she's been basecoated for near a decade, so I thought she deserved to be finished. I love her look in the comics, better than the crown and pink tights, anyway.