Thursday, April 10, 2014

Getting Started in Supers - Part 1

SuperSystem 4th Edition is on its way! The Kickstarter is live ( and a mere $6USD will get you the rulebook. Pretty cool huh? 
To celebrate, I thought I'd take a look at just how easy it is to get a team together for this fantastic game. To that end, I pulled out 5 miniatures from my collection (almost at random) that I purchased for games other than Supersystem and I'm throwing together some quick fluff for them to be a team. 
Turns out that it's a villain team, not sure what that says about my minis collection... 

Introducing: Crocomanagator, Kaptain Killa, Hug-Bot, Splashback and The Baron. 

Kaptain Killa (Classic 40K Ork Freebooter): A vicious alien pirate from a distant galaxy, KK was shipwrecked on Earth when a team of nosy "Superheroes" prevented him from stealing the Millennium Dome. To exact his revenge on humanity, KK gathered other criminals to aid him in his campaign to destroy every monument and landmark on the face of the planet.

Splashback (D&D Water Elemental): Few people realise that, sometimes, water just goes bad. Not merely stagnant, but occasionally, downright evil. Splashback evaporated into a bad cloud and shortly thereafter started its rain of terror. Despite its hatred of all "solids", Splashback is forced to work with them, because it needs an occasional topping up with a hose. 

The Baron (Eureka Pirate): Born on the Bayou, this former Accountant turned to crime the day he discovered that he could keep the money he stole if he ran a church. A Google search on Voodoo later, the Baron was born. The Baron has no powers to speak of, but is excellent with money, especially hiding it from the Government. 

Hug-Bot (Horrorclix Carnage Bot): Hug-Bot was designed only to love. Programmed by a lonely scientist, Hug-Bot was intended to provide companionship for geeks who couldn't talk to women. Fortunately for Hug-Bot, there was a flaw in its program and it started a killing rampage. Nothing makes Hug-Bot happier than killing, so it got a job as hired muscle for Supervillains; nothing's better than getting paid to do what you love. 

Crocomanagator (Hordes Gatorman): Crocomanagator was hired by The Baron to be his personal bodyguard and dependent (for tax reasons). He is relied upon to do most of the actual crime, which suits him fine. No one is too sure where Crocomanagator came from, but his Facebook profile lists "Twin Peaks" as his hometown and "Sicily, Alaska" as his place of birth. Guess he likes TV. 

There you go, Villain Team origins from random minis in 30mins. Hopefully this may tempt a couple more people into Supersystem. Although I'm pretty sure most of my followers play it already. 

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  1. I love that team! So eclectic! So cool! Facing off against them would be a pleasure!