Saturday, November 8, 2014

Miniatures Finished - Turtles, X-men and Bugs

Sorry for the repeated "Minis Finished" posts and not much else recently, got some other stuff on the back-burner that'll be showing up pretty soon. 

First up, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! 
 From My Way Miniatures in Russia. Not cheap, but some of the nicest figures I've ever worked with.
 Mikey and Don closeup.
 Leo and Raph.

 Two more X-men, Colossus and the Bouncing Beast!
 Never been a big X-Men fan, but I think these are great sculpts; the sense of movement in Beast is amazing for a Clix.
Pitor Rasputin is ready for action!

Also, the Annihilation Wave has arrived!
 A mix of Mantic Zzor, RAFM Mi-Go and Tyranid bits, the Wave are Annihilus' foot soldiers in his war on our universe.

A simple colour scheme helps keep the diverse minis united. There are 22 at the moment, if I can get more suitable figures cheaply, I may consider expanding the wave.

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