Thursday, November 20, 2014

Superhero Media: Supers Music

Promised something a bit different, and here it is; a quick list of songs inspired by Superheroes and Villains. And take a look, there are no Soundtrack songs of symphonic Themes here, only guitars, drums and vocals, just like dad used to make. Without any further ado: 

Freeza - Maximum Hormone (Frieza, Dragonball Z)
First things first, I can't stand Metal. Sound and fury signifying nothing as far as I'm concerned. Music for time-signature geeks. However, I have a soft spot for one of the most reviled Dragonball Z characters; reviled that is, by the casual fans who got sick of the seemingly-endless fight between Frieza and Goku. A super-powerful alien creature, born to a dynasty of despots, able to survive in vacuum, transform and wield incredible power. Frieza could stack up pretty well against Annihilus or Darkseid or anyone suitably powerful, plus the whole "your arrogance will be your downfall" thing ties perfectly into comic-style mythos. 

The Hammer - The War Horsemen (Thor, The Avengers)
Bet you'd never thought you'd hear a Hip-Hop song about a walking White-Power icon like Thor, but this is pretty awesome. With the legendary Chuck D as MC, The Hammer is not only about Thor, but specifically about the Chris Hemsworth portrayal of the character in the Marvel Studios Films. As a song, the novelty can wear off pretty quick with repeated listening, but still makes a nice little treat. This is the kind of song that I imagine would exist within the Marvel Universe itself, where Thor is real and flying around. 

Ghost Rider - The Rollins Band (Ghost Rider, Marvel Comics)
Although technically a cover of an older Suicide song, the Rollins Band version is drastically different and "feels" more in-keeping with the tone of the Ghost Rider comics. A hellish dirge about a flaming figure driving through the desert on a motorcycle meting out justice. Oddly, this song was featured on The Crow soundtrack, but I can imagine Eric Draven reading early Ghost Rider comics and getting a kick out of the imagery. 

Of course, these aren't the only songs that work with heroes, just a few that people are less likely to be aware of. Deadpool and Dragonball get a lot of references in Hip Hop, and who could forget the Ramones cover of the Spider-man theme? Anything you like or want to see get a bit more play? I'm a music nerd at heart so I'd love to hear them.

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