Sunday, April 12, 2015

SS4 AAR - Equalisers Vs Blackwing Androids

Had the good pleasure to enjoy my first real game of SuperSystem 4th Edition yesterday; running a new player through the game and testing out the characters I had written up. For those in the know, I wasn't too happy with how a 75BP character looked on paper, so I've made mine 85BP, I find the extra 10BP enables a slightly more rounded character without upping the power level too much. 

Slufest was the scenario, with three supers a side, testing out some of my new urban terrain. 

The monorail station dominates the board, hopefully it'll look better with taller buildings on the table.

Colonel Quantum, The Anachronisim and Wildcat are ready for action. Equalisers played by me.
 Sink, Tinker and Destroyer. Blackwing played by Mikey. 

 Heroes and Villains advance to begin. 

 Sink shuts down Colonel Quantum's powers, sending him plummeting to the ground. The Anachronism charges in to avenge his comrade. 

Destroyer takes advantage of Colonel Quantum's powerless state to kick him to KO. 
Wildcat leaps in to aid Colonel Quantum, striking Destroyer across the face with his boot. 
 Tinker spawns some Gun Bugs to swing the odds further in Blackwing's favour. 

The Gun Bugs get stuck in, but can't drag down The Awesome Anachronism! 
The Cursader's sword makes short work of Sink, freeing up the good Colonel. 
 Colonel Quantum teleports over to Tinker, ripping out some vital component. 

 Swarmed with Gun Bugs, The Anachronism's regeneration proves insufficient. 

 Wildcat leaps to safety when Colonel Quantum's luck runs out and he fails a Resolve Test, falling unconscious. 

 Wildcat's shots go wide of the swarming Gun Bugs. 

A quick retreat to a nearby rooftop seems to be the best option. 
Blackwing start to chase after Wildcat, but the game has ended. Blackwing wins!

I have to say that I'm liking the 4th Edition SuperSystem rules, powers like Dispel, Gadget Pool and Alternate Form work a lot better and the seven Attributes prevent Super Strong characters from dominating. Blackwing work great, I'll add Hammer and Anvil and they should round the team out nicely. The Equalisers are in desperate need of some ranged support and a team leader, so Mindstorm and The Machiavellian should be seeing the light of day soon. Most importantly, I need to get some more people interested in starting up teams. 

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