Saturday, January 30, 2016

AAR: Minons of Robespierre vs NewGen

Got in my first SS4 game of the year, a teaching game against Steve, a new player who seemed to enjoy the experience and pick it up pretty quick. The mission was The Rescue, with an anachronistic clash between The Minions of Robespierre [FR] and the mutant terrorists called NewGen [EQ]. Not really a narrative game, this was more of test to see how some newly painted and statted teams played in a proper game. 

The Minions of Robespierre have captured the VIP and are holding her near the statue. It will take a little while to complete the spell to return back to 1793.

Glock Roach and Creepy Crawler approach from behind a shack. 

The Freerunner, Chupacabra and Natural Selection are spotted and Monsieur de Paris charges towards them. 

Creepy Crawler summons a horde of rats and bugs to provide some cover. 

Unfortuantley, Les Enfants Terribles can scent their enemies and fly over the landscape like wailing banshees. They swarm the mutants but don't manage to drag them down.

With his friends in trouble, The Freerunner speeds across the graveyard. 

Chupacabra uses his super senses to scope out Tarrare's weaknesses. 

Creepy Crawler calls in his "pets" for help and the vermin make quick work of the vampiric children. 

Glock Roach opens up on Hommes de Bonbons, wounding him, but failing to stop the Hermetic chant.

Natural Selection and Chupacabra start out strong against Monsieur de Paris, but struggle to drag him down. 

The Freerunner hits Hommes de Bonbons with a super-speed punch! Whack! The frail old man proves to be tougher than expected though. 

Robespierre deigns to enter the fray, but cannot strike the speeding mutant. 

With time running out, NewGen make an all-out attack on Tarrare, who holds the captive above his head and weathers the blows like a seasoned boxer. 

Monsieur de Paris lashes out, finally connecting and leaving NewGen's leader worse for wear. 

The whirling melee of mutants cannot drag down the eternally-hungry Frenchman and the Minions of Robespierre vanish in a flash of eldritch energy, taking the hostage and victory. 

Despite being, essentially, a glorified play-test, this was a great game and a lot of fun. Despite it being his first game, Steven picked up the mechanics quickly and tried out the abilities of all of his characters. A couple of different dice rolls would have delivered a much different game, which always makes me feel like the game was good. 
Things I took away from this game; I need to proofread the character sheets better, both NewGen and the Minions had more than one mistake. I also need to write some more scenarios for SS4. The ones in the book are great, but most limit the amount of heroes and Rooftop Rumble and Base Battle require specific terrain to play. Once I get my city roads mat, I'll play more on my city table, and I'd like more scenarios that make use of that space. I'll take a look at some of my old rulebooks for other games and even some comics and see what I can come up with. 

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