Monday, February 8, 2016

Superhero Media: Justice League - War

Want to know a secret? Well, remember when I said that I had a blacklog of "Superhero Media" posts to do? So that I wouldn't forget my impressions about what I'd seen, I'd jot down a couple of notes on each draft page for the article. The only note for Justice League - War was "The reboot where everyone is a massive dick." Based on the New 52 series of reboots (many of which are actually really good), this animated film decided to go with one of the least popular of all of those options, Justice League. So how does the Justice League form in this day and age? Well, they all encounter parademons individually and are forced to team up to fight them and prevent an invasion from Apokolips, culminating with a battle with Darkseid. That all seems like pretty standard JLA fair, but it's the execution, rather than the concept that really lets War down. 

Alright then, let's get a roll-call; Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern (Hal), The Flash (Barry), Cyborg and Captain Marvel (I refuse to call him SHAZAM). Leaving the usual complaints about gender-balance in super teams aside, the group is pretty bland, not really taking any risks, like dropping the big three or bumping up some Titans and Outsiders. Worse yet, everyone (bar Diana and Barry) are total jerks. Even Cyborg is a jerk to his dad because he won't come to his football games, he's too busy trying to create prosthetics that will save the lives of millions. What an arsehole. Also, Billy Batson is a tweenaged tearaway, committing petty crimes, which is, no doubt, why the Wizard Shazam thought he'd be pure of heart. Jesus, I barely read any of the "main" DC lines and I still know that Justice League - War has no idea what the characters are about. Before I finish my extended bitch, Diana is so dumb she does not understand the concept of money ('cause that didn't exist in Ancient Greece apparently), Darkseid is a mute giant and Superman is a brooding frat boy, more "the big blue bro-douche" than "Big Blue Boy Scout". I'm guessing the word "edgy" was thrown around a lot in the editing room of DC Comics when this was being written. 

Yes, ok, so that's not really Superman and there are other considerations that come in to play with the comics, but that's not what these Warner Premiere releases are about. I'm simply baffled that with all the great "New 52" titles (Flash, Booster Gold, Animal Man) that Justice League was the one chosen to carry the brand. I'd like to think that it was more than a case of "look, we've got a black guy now", but I'm struggling to think of an alternative that doesn't involve DC being completely oblivious to their fanbase. Give this one a miss, unless you're a completionist or feeling masochistic

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