Monday, June 6, 2016

Miniatures Finished - Heroes unite!

Feels like ages since I got a superhero off the painting desk, and in the past week there's been a few! 

 Spitfire, Drax Restored, Invincible, Adam Warlock and Invisible Woman. 

 Drax and Adam will serve duty in a club Frostgrave campaign as well was as supers gaming, I just couldn't be bothered starting yet another project. 

 Invincible and Spitfire. Lady Falsworth will also be pulling double-duty, being my stand-in "Maxwell" for Secrets of the Third Reich, what with being a throroughly British Vampire and all... 

 New Sue Richards in matching visible and invisible forms, for the pedant in me. 


  1. Love your Invincible. What miniature did you use??

    1. Turns out there was an Invincible clix set, I have Angstrom, Omni-Man, Eve and Allen to get finished as well.