Thursday, June 9, 2016

Superhero Media: Monsters Vs Aliens

Well, I said I'd do this one, so here it is. It's ok. A bit short. The concept could have been explored better. I wrote about it a bit in the last "Alternate Supers", so I won't explore it too much more here, but Monsters Vs Aliens is about a super-team of classic American movie monsters fighting an alien supervillain whose plans are vague and involve some kind of alien mineral thing. There are some half-decent laughs and the cast is pretty impressive when compared to the overall quality of the production. Susan's motivation, wanting her jerk husband back, and her character resolution, "just be yourself" are pretty trite and really drag the film down. Given the actors involved and the cartoonish nature of the plot, a character-based comedy may have worked a lot better than what they came up with, but I have a feeling that originality was not a rallying cry for the production. 

So is Monsters Vs Aliens a bad film then? Not really. I've watched it twice now and enjoyed both viewings; but I won't be wanting to see it again any time soon. It's quite short and has a few laughs, so it really could be worse, a decent film to paint to, if you haven't seen it. The scenes with Stephen Colbert playing the American President are probably the best moments in the film, but can be easily found on YouTube if you want to check them out. Not much more I can say here, other than there's a good joke about Dr Cockroach's Phd in the finale. 

Probably not my best review here, but there's not much I have to work with here. It's not bad, that's all I got. You want to see how it can work for gaming, check out the Monsters Versus Aliens Alternate Supers entry from April 19. Hopefully something a bit better or much worse next time, so I can get a bit more down about it. 

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