Thursday, August 11, 2016

Miniatures Finished: The Incredible, the Miraculous and Undead Squared

As painting is something of a stress relief for me, it's no wonder that essay season is a good time to get miniatures finished. 

 Brit (aka "Big Boobs Brit") from IDW, a converted Indy Clix, the smallest toy of Mr Incredible I've found to date and Mister Miracle. Brit will be important for a campaign down the track and my quest for a Heroic 28mm set of Incredibles continues.

 Two more fast and easy dipped Clix civilians and Mirror Master. Part of me is tempted to get a few more of these Clix and one of the new ones, leaning out of the mirror, to really capture the character, but that's an idea for down the track. 

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