Wednesday, December 7, 2016

SS4 AAR - 3-Way Slugfest!

Played an introductory game of SS4 with Ian and Steve at NWA last week. We used the "Slugfest" Scenario from the rulebook, not one of my personal picks, but always a good one to learn on. The game featured USAwesome, The Equalisers and The Super Allies having a good generic punch-on. 

Would have liked to have the city table, but I thought I'd be playing Frostgrave, so necropolis it is. 
The three teams moved in towards the ruined church. 
The Frontier Spirit opens fire on Red Tide, but his Smith & Wesson can't penetrate the Soviet's armour. 
Red Tide and Golden Girl clash. 
The Indestructible Man rushes The 2nd Amendment to keep him from laying down too much fire. 
Jack Churchill and Lucky circle each other in cover from the raging battle in the ruins. 
Mindstorm puts up a telekinetic force field to protect Lucky from Churchill's attacks. 
Jack Churchill jumps into the fray, hoping to turn the tide.

The Indestructible Man chases down The 2nd Amendment...
...who is more tricky than he looks. 
Jacques Noir and Mindstorm battle it out on the flank. 
Mindstorm blasts indiscriminately into the melee with his mental attacks. 
 Red Tide finally takes down Golden Girl with the very last roll of the game! Victory for the Super-Allies! 

Not the flashiest game (Slugfest is always a tad slow), but both of the new players had fun and I won without being a nasty, cutthroat player. Another game this weekend, so hopefully an AAR soon on that one. 

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