Monday, December 12, 2016

SS4 AAR: Find the Bomb!

Had a game of SuperSystem last week at club with Neil and Brendan, playtesting a scenario I'm working on. The Equalisers, NewGen and Neil's new characters had to search the city for a mutant terrorist with a hidden bomb, all of the civilians must be checked before the time runs out and it detonates! 

The Equalisers arrive on-scene, Wildcat, The Anachronism and Colonel Quantum are ready for action. 

 Backbreaker, Doctor Quasar and Mindstorm prepare to leap into action. 

 On the extreme left, NewGen (The Freerunner, Glock Roach and Natural Selection) can be seen sneaking in under the monorail. 

 In all this city, there is one madman (or woman) with a bomb, waiting to sew destruction on a grand scale. 

 "This is our historic first appearance, don't screw it up!" 

 Natural Selection and The Freerunner gang up on Backbreaker. 

 A super-speed punch knocks Backbreaker through the window of a nearby pet store. 

 Wildcat muses over the good fortune that the Equalisers didn't bring their own Mindstorm to the battle. 

 "Excuse me sir, do you have a bomb of any description?" 

 Mindstorm probes the mind of a young woman for traces of insurrection. 

 "Thank you for your cooperation, citizen!" 

 Glock Roach terrifies another random person, thank god he has good self-esteem. 

 Wherever could the bomb be? Time is running out! 

 "Thank you for your help sir, sorry about cutting off your foot." 

A fun game with good opponents, though I wasn't 100% happy with the way the scenario ran. I like that there was a chance of having no bomber, but it felt like a bit of a let down with all the teams there. Also, the Sens/Mind roll had too high of a TN, but that's easily fixed. Once I've done another couple of playtests, I'll post the scenario here so that other SS4 fanatics can give it a go. 

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  1. A fun beginning for my team. Just need to tweak their stats a bit and have another go.