Sunday, February 26, 2017

Champions of the Ominverse - Part 2

When last we left our heroes... Things were fine, actually, but that's about to change! 

The heroes are standing outside the Krupp building when there is a blinding flash and they are joined by two new allies, Ember2Inferno and Fire-nado! The newcomers arrive just in time to see the gravely injured thugs being dragged away by the emergency services. Before the heroes can all be introduced, two shots ring out! The relief of seeing a child with a smoking cap gun lasts only a second before they see who he was firing at; Scorpion, The Beetle, Radioactive Man and The Fixer! 

Our heroes are taken aback for a moment, allowing the villains to strike! The stinging tail of Scorpion strikes the Gregarious Gigawatt, knocking the colourful hero out instantly! The Electro-Gauntlets of Beetle and Laser pistol of The Fixer lash out and hit Ember2Inferno and Firenado, but Radioactive Man is unable to gather enough power to damage Manzilla. When the initial shock has worn off, the heroes retaliate, with Manzilla wrestling with Radioactive man and Firenado and Ember2Inferno combined their powers into a torrent of flame against The Beetle, this new trick doesn't quite work however and the smaller gush of fire cannot injure their foe through his metal armour. Sonic Tsunami uses his water control powers to smash an aqueus mallet into The Fixer, flooring the foe in a single blow!

In a moment of desperation, and seeing that the Radioactive Man is gathering power for a massive blast against the Krupp Building, Manzilla tries to use his magnetic powers on the very radiation emanating from from his foe! The gamble pays off and Radioactive Man falls into the stinking New York sewers as the road beneath him melts away from the redirected radiation. Seeing their advantage fading, Beetle flies through the lobby of the Krupp Building, snatching up the Mandroid plans and making his escape out of a window around the back. Scorpion grabs a hold of Ember2Inferno and Firenado, throwing them into a wall before disappearing into the same hole as Radioactive Man. 

Our heroes have kept the population of the city safe, but they have failed to prevent the robbery and only have a gravely-injured Fixer to help clue them in to what is really going on. Until next time true believers!

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