Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 1

Started a TSR Marvel Superheroes RPG campaign with my regular Tuesday tonight gaming group. I'm just running the old modules from the game with a narrative overlay and generated characters. I'll do some posting about it here, hopefully some AARs, hero profiles and tips on running the old system. 

To begin with, our heroes (Manzilla, The Gregarious Gigawatt, Sonic Tsunami, Spiderstrike, Koga and two others yet to join in) are pulled from their home realities, in the middle of superheroics, by none other than Eon, guardian of the time-stream. 

The Omniverse is under attack! Strange forces are marshaling to unwind not just one, but all realities and only a chosen team of heroes, each individually unremarkable, can prevent the destruction of absolutely everything that ever was or will be. Using his immense power, Eon will "insert" the heroes into the place of existing individuals native to the vulnerable realities, making sure that history unfolds along its predetermined course. The missions shall not always be easy, but the risks must be confronted for the Omniverse to survive. 

Session 1 
After meeting with Eon, the heroes find themselves transported to the streets of Manhattan, in and around the famous Bronson Park, slotted into the lives of the heroes that had fought this struggle before them. Gigawatt, Spiderstrike and Koga were walking in the park with friends, whilst at the Avengers Mansion on Park Avenue, Sonic Tsunami and Manzilla were directed by Thor to go check out a bilp of Gamma Radiation near the Krupp Building. 

Spiderstrike was out for a walk with his dear old Aunt Petunia when the old dear's purse was snatched by a fiendish mugger! Gigawatt was walking past an unfortunate racist stereotype of a New York street vendor when he saw him come under attack by a gang of youths! Koga saw Manzilla and Sonic Tsunami land on a roof nearby before all of the three heroes see a couple of local ner'do wells steal into the Krupp building. 
Spiderstrike chased the mugger halfway across the park before finally landing a hit and bringing the scum down. Koga ran towards the gang of thugs threatening the pretzel vendor, but the Gregarious Gigawatt got there first and made short work of the rowdy juveniles. Inside the Krupp building however, two well-known thugs are found by Manzilla and Sonic Tsunami to be attempting to loot a suit of SHIELD Mandroid armour! 
Manzilla, never the sharpest crayon in the box, charges the suit of armour, thinking it a new supervillain and ending up sprawled on the floor in a pool of broken glass. Shots ring out and Manzilla takes minor injuries as Sonic Tsunami swings a hammer composed of water into the first thug, cracking his skull. As soon as Manzilla recovers, his magnetic control powers rip the gun from the thug's hand, along with most of his hand. 
With the battle over, the police soon arrive and all is well... or is it? 

Tune in next time True Believers!  

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