Monday, July 10, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 15

When last we left our heroes, they were struggling mid-battle against the Super-Skrull, with only Gigawatt and Spiderstrike left standing. Thankfully, Sonic Tsunami and Manzilla have just arrived on the scene and head straight towards the sounds of carnage. Still attempting to doge Super-Skrull's attacks, Spiderstrike runs into a nearby theater and Gigawatt uses his Stark Industries Image Inducer to hide in the crowd. Sick of being toyed with, Super-Skrul bathes the area in Nova flame, catching much of the crowd, including Gigawatt in the blast. The Gregarious Gigawatt is down and only three Champions remained. Roaring a challenge, Manzilla weaves through the canyons of New York and flies straight at Super-Skrull, freezing the alien invader in a block of ice and sending him plummeting to the ground. The ice shatters in a flurry of sleet when Super-Skrull hits the pavement, leaving the arch-villain stunned for a moment until a combined pummeling from Spiderstrike and Manzilla brings him down. Attaching the headset given to them by Immortus to Super-Skrull's head, the team are pulled back, once again, to Limbo.

For their next mission, Immortus shows our heroes a battle between a rock monster from space and The Avengers. The rock monster turns out to be none other than The Grey Gargoyle, who destroys a new atomic isotope during the fight, hastening the nuclear holocaust which is set to envelop the Earth. Given that the depicted battle happened in the past of the current reality, the team ask how history can be changed? Immortus explains that "Multiverse Theory is a bitch" and that the team probably wouldn't understand the explanation if he gave it anyway. Seeing that planning has been working more or less well for them, the team ponder how to defeat the Grey Gargoyle before he gets into the city and destroys the isotope. Sonic Tsunami is smart enough to try looking up information on the Avengers' computer and the team formulate a plan of taking turns getting Grey Gargoyle's attention and hoping to draw him away from the city. The Arsonist volunteers to be turned to stone multiple times to experience what it's like. 

As has become typical, the team find themselves momentarily stunned upon arrival in a different time zone. As they spot a lumbering rock monster crest the horizon, the heroes maneuver into a line and head towards their foe. Jogging across the field, Sonic Tsunami manipulates water to make himself a set of ice armour and Koga bends the light around the team, rendering them invisible to the rock monster. The Arsonist starts the fray by hurling a Molotov cocktail and lighting up their rocky foe. As Manzilla swoops around behind the monster to line up an attack, Firenado wreaths it in a sphere of flame, which it proceeds to walk through unharmed. As one, the team attack, Koga charging in with blade drawn, Gigawatt hurling a bolt of lightening and Sonic Tsunami unleashing a wave of sleet, but the attacks have no effect on the mass of rock. Firenado comes to the rescue, cracking open the ambulatory boulder with a blast of flame, revealing Grey Gargoyle, who immediately grandstands, 
"Fools! you have released me and now you will die!" 
As is to prove his point, Grey Gargoyle reaches out and turns The Arsonist to stone. Coming to a decision, Manzilla dives into a dead-drop, coming down directly on Grey Gargoyle's head, knocking both himself and his foe into unconsciousness. 

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