Wednesday, July 5, 2017

SS4 AAR: Chernobyl Vintage Car Show

Another teaching game before the campaign starts next week, featuring the Equalisers against USAwesome. The brief battle (Slugfest scenario) took place in a ruined Soviet city littered with vintage cars; the reasons for this are actually pretty dull. 

"We've heard reports that Pendragon are on the move," Edward Caan, aka Wildcat of the Equalisers jabbed a pointer at the screen in the team's briefing room, "they may be planning an attack on a vintage car show being held in an abandoned Soviet-era city." 
"Really?" piped up Sam Link, the Indestructible Man, "who would hold a car show in a ruined city?" 
"I have no idea," Wildcat shrugged, "I'm not taking this whole thing very seriously. I'm just going to have Colonel Quantum teleport us in, we'll take a look around and be back for dinner."
The Indestructible Man nodded, after all, what's the worst that could happen? 

 The ruins of a Soviet city, abandoned when the iron curtain collapsed. 

 The 2nd Amendment, McHero and Golden Girl are following the same lead as our heroes. 

 Wildcat leaps ahead, scouting out the area. 

 Colonel Quantum and the Indestructible Man wander through the ruins. 

 Following President Trump's orders to "shoot first and let Putin sort out the bodies", The 2nd Amendment fires wildly into the Equalisers. 

 "USAwesome?" the Indestructible Man dives for cover, "We're on the same side you idiots!" 

 "Go eat that guy, McHero." 

 McHero waddles at full tilt towards the Indestructible Man, drooling in anticipation. 

 Colonel Quantum teleports behind Golden Girl, blasting her with Solar energy. 

 In retaliation, Golden Girl picks up a priceless piece of automotive history... 

 ...and hurls it right through Colonel Quantum. Being composed of light, physical peril means little to him. 

 Wildcat leaps up as high as he can get to try and get a look at the situation. 

 The 2nd Amendment takes up a firing position to cover his teammates. 

 Titans clash! McHero and the Indestructible Man trade blows, but neither is able to overcome the other's durability. 

 Sick of being blasted with Solar rays from Colonel Quantum... 

 ...Golden Girl seeks out better prey. 

 Team leaders clash! 

 The Indestructible Man breaks away from McHero and tries to bring down The Second Amendment. 

 The NRA-funded superhero screams a macho challenge and opens fire at his foe; to his horror, the bullets bounce off. 

 Wildcat's mutant agility is not enough to survive Golden Girl's steroid-fueled pummeling and the resulting fall. 

 Colonel Quantum comes to the aid of his teammate and begins to fire solar blasts at The 2nd Amendment. 

 The 2nd Amendment, still unable to hurt the Indestructible Man, shouts for help from his team. 

 The crushing blows of McHero knock the Indestructible Man back into a car, but the Equaliser is still conscious and jumps back into the fight. 

 Golden Girl joins the Melee, but even her power is not enough to knock the Indestructible man out of commission. A lucky shot from Colonel Quantum brings down The 2nd Amendment and the battle ends in a draw. 

Much as with Empire of the Dead last year, I'm getting a little sick of teaching games of SS4; the three-a-side format doesn't quite capture the appeal of the game. Once the campaign starts, I'm hoping to have more objective based games with a bit more narrative to them. Fun game anyway. 

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