Friday, May 22, 2020

Miniatures Finished: 24/04/18

Mix of new characters and old ones fixed up. 

Blazing Skull is a quick touch-up on the factory paintjob, another of the great "Avengers" era clix with the mix of translucent and opaque plastic. 

Iron Man, same as above, and has a great sense of movement, really not sure why some gamers are so down on the clix given the cost/quality ratio. 

Kraven was one of my first attempts at wetblending and I'm still really happy with him. An older clix with a great sense of movement and fabulous mustache. 

Shang Chi, master of Kung Fu! Repainted Heroclix. 

Avalance, the last of my classic Brotherhood of Mutants excepting Mystique. Hoping to get him on the table for a Super Mission Force game soon. 

Hitman, one of those characters that people either love or have no idea exists. Also makes a good Cyperpunk runner. 

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