Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preview set up for Little Wars

Did a trial set up for my display yesterday and played a quick game of SS4 to try it out. 

And now to the game; the Blackwing Androids were robbing the bank of Latveria, because evidently robots need money. 

 Fast Action X-Treme News lie in wait, pretending to film a lead story. 

USAwesome must get Mike G to the monorail so that he arrives in time to cut the ribbon on Talk Like A Pirate Day. 

 The Equalisers intend to foil the bank robbery. 

 Captain Heroica learns the advantages of Super Leap. 

 The bank vault evidently contained a pallet of bullion and an alien statue. 

 Still need to do something about decent flying stands. 

 Anita Action's ambush reporting style keeps Colonel Quantum at bay. 

 USAwesome try to be sneaky with their ghost, minigun and man who weighs over a tonne. 

 Captain Heroica makes a leap-charge at McHero. 

 But he bounces off the layers of protective flab. 

 Battle erupts on the rooftops. 

 Tinker summons some Gun Bugs that proceed to do nothing. 

 Wildcat charges Destroyer, but can't touch the robot assassin.

 But he has much better luck taking out Sink. 

 Destroyer is able to get away with the gold.

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