Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thinking out loud.

Has anyone ever done a cool "Matter-Eater" hero? I was working on some heroes the other day and the idea of matter-eating just wouldn't leave my head. There is, of course, Matter-Eater Lad from the legion of superheroes, who, like most Legionaries, sucks out loud.
Yeah, that's what he does, eats anything super-fast. I dated a girl like that, and it wasn't as fun as it sounds at first. Plus, his logo is a giant tooth; 'cause he eats things. So when your super power's banner-waver is, at best, a joke, what can be done to bring a little street cred back? In myth, a kith of fae known as "redcaps" can eat anything that they can fit their mouths around, that could be a good start, especially for a villain or anti-hero. Plus, according to the old World of Darkness Changeling: The Dreaming RPG, they look like Jack from The Shining
There was a thing on QI once about a French soldier that ate live cats and that sort of thing, but I can't find the actual history of the guy just at the moment, which is bugging me, because I actually have a miniature set aside to be this guy for my French Revolution supers. Oh wait, just found it whilst I was typing the last sentence, he's called Tarrare. Quite a gross little history there if you care to read it. 
I'm using the big guy up the top as my mystically-enhanced Tarrare, though after reading the article, maybe I should track down the smaller one. Who would give such a person super powers and what does it have to do with the future of France? Only time will tell. But seriously, matter-eating? I know Jerry Siegel gets pretty much a free pass for being 50% of the team behind Superman, but some of the Legion stuff is really bottom of the barrel. Maybe Frank Miller could do a dark re-imagining of Matter-Eater Lad in which the titular character battles his addiction to save his whore-encrusted city from Muslims. 

Wow... I am out of it... goddam Testors Dullcoat...

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