Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Champions of the Omiverse - Part 3

Left stunned and somewhat injured after their foes' escape, our heroes are at a loss for what to do next and head over to the Avenger's Mansion to recover for a little while. After downing a few beers, the team had it pointed out by Jarvis that they probably should find out why this odd combination of villains were specifically after designs and parts of Mandroid armour and they hurried back to the Krupp building to investigate. By this time, The Fixer has been taken away with severe spinal trauma, but the heroes are informed that some samples of mud were taken from his boots and sent to the police lab. Wandering around the local area, our heroes find a witness that can identify the truck that the villains escape in, beginning a long and tedious telephone chain to find the rental yard. A trail of bribes and interviews bought them finally to Squid's Bar, by the docks in a run-down part of town. 

Jim McCreed, a local low-life had been paid off by a mysterious man in a coat and hat to drop off the rental truck near the old, abandoned Globe Newspaper building. With a location at last, the heroes donned their costumes and took a Quinjet to confront their foes. Spiderstrike and Firenado investigate the roof while Koga, Sonic Tsunami, Gigawatt and The Arsonist (formerly Ember2Inferno, he got retconned) argue about how to open a door. Firenado is struck by something and temporarily paralyzed, but Spiderstrike fails to notice, meanwhile The Arsonist lights up the door, using his power to boost a match into a blazing inferno. Just as Firenado is able to move again and shouts a warning, The Radioactive man comes crashing through the flaming door, narrowly missing The Arsonist! 

The Champions leap into action, with every member of the team (aside from Firenado) laying into Radioactive Man and bringing the titan of nuclear power down before he can retaliate! With the door to the old Globe Newspaper building looming open, what challenges await our stalwart heroes? Find out in the next exciting issue presented in the Mighty Marvel Manner! 

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