Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 5

A giant Doctor Octopus-shaped robot is marching down Garfield Avenue and only The Champions of the Ominverse can stop it. Gigawatt, Spiderstrike, Koga and Manzilla chase after the robot, trying to spot an obvious weakness, but finding none. Firenado flies after the robot, slinging flame with no effect at the lumbering metal monstrosity while Koga tries to attack the ankle with similar luck. Hitting on a brilliant plan (for a change), the heroes combine their power; Sonic Tsunami spreads a puddle of water under the robot's feet, Manzilla freezes the water with his Arctic breath, Gigawatt hurls a compact car and Firenado sets it alight before it hits the robot, finally damaging the metal monster and causing it to topple. The heroes take advantage of the opportunity and swarm their target, even managing to add a few dents. 

 (Actual picture of the game! With WIP Champion minis) 

After bashing in the knee of the robot with a handy car, Gigawatt notices some kind of access hatch on the soles of the feet. Although unable to pick itself up on the slippery ice, the robot blasts a laser at Gigawatt, grievously wounding him, and snatching up and crushing Koga into unconsciousness. Gigawatt and Manzilla rip the hatch off the left foot, Gigawatt climbing into the belly (or leg) of the beast. A nearby group of Japanese tourists rush to the aid of Koga, keeping the grim reaper at bay. Firenado and Gigawatt rush into the toppled robot and start tearing up the interior with flame and two-fisted action just as Spidertrike falls prey to the grasping tentacles of the octopus! Sonic Tsunami uses his water-control powers to keep the robot pinned to the ground whilst Manzilla tries to break the grasp holding his teammate; alas, Spiderstrike is brutally crushed and drops to the ground unconscious. 

Meanwhile, inside the giant robot, Firenado and Gigawatt discover that smashing the crap out of everything is a highly effective way of stopping the robot, before long, the metal monster has deactivated and the people of New York are cheering on our heroes. Soon SHIELD arrives to clean up and our heroes once again find themselves drawn to the void with Eon. 
"You have done well, but the struggle is far from over, once you have healed, you shall be sent on an adventure even more dangerous." 

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