Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 6

After the trials of the last adventure, our team of heroes has had time to rest and recuperate. When they are ready, Eon once again sends them into the time-stream, when they come to in their new places, they are standing in the Ready-room for the [in]famous Danger Room of the X-Mansion! As the doors open, Sonic Tsunami, Spidertrike, Gigawatt and Firenado see a robotic lion prowling around a cage containing Koga. Using his newfound ice-powers, Sonic Tsunami freezes the robot to the floor and the others advance carefully. Metal rings materialise out of the air, wrapping around Firenado for a moment before meting in the heat of a fiery blast as metal tentacles appear out of the floor, grabbing Gigawatt, but missing the others. Sonic Tsunami makes it to the cage, but sees that it is a form of "Tiger Cage" and only brute strength will free their friend. Whilst Firenado finishes off the last of the rings and Gigawatt frees himself from the tentacle, Spiderstrike reaches the cage, ripping out a bar with a combination of raw strength and his "Spider Bite" power. 

Sonic Tsunami keeps the robotic lion pinned to the ground in a wall of ice as Gigawatt and Spiderstrike team up to bend the bars of the cage and free Koga; as they reach in, their hands pass through their comrade, he was only part of the simulation. Meanwhile, Koga has finished making a "Morphin'" device in the X-Mansion workshop and is making sandwiches in the kitchen for the other X-Men when the window bursts in, showing him with glass. The Fixer steps through the broken window, hefting a handful of grenade-like gadgets and issuing demands:
"Where is Firenado? I'm here for Firenado!" 

The gadgets turn out to be a form of gas weapon, which soon have Koga bolting for the next room to catch his breath. As the Fixer fiddles with his devices, the power in the mansion cycles off then on again, sealing the Danger Room and reactivating it, on the most dangerous setting! 

The robotic lion reactivates, pouncing on Gigawatt! Fortunately, Spiderstrike and Sonic Tsunami are nearby, and the terrific trio soon batter the beast into submission. Meanwhile, several floors above, Koga uses his weather control powers to clear the gas and runs at the Fixer, utilising his corrosive touch to destroy the circuitry in the Fixer's suit. Thankfully, Professor X has regained control of the Mansion's Security Systems and shuts down both the Danger Room and the Fixer's mind. 
Gathered in the library, our heroes learn that the Fixer has come seeking revenge for the death of his former partner, Mentallo, at the hands of Firenado. But this shocking accusation is not the only twist Fixer comes bearing, he also has a Betamax tape showing Firenado murdering Mentallo with his ferocious flames! The team know that Firenado is no murderer (at worst, a manslaughter-er), so they resolve to investigate the Fixer's accusations. 

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