Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse - Part 10

Fleeing from Soviet-invaded Afghanistan, our heroes fly to Australia to find the next bomb, evidently somewhere in the Great Dividing Range. Landing in the red center, the Champions find the last Breeder Bomb in a natural crevice between two massive rocks, the device has been rent apart and the plutonium core is missing. Completely ignoring the ruined bomb casing and any evidence that may be in the crevice, our heroes start to follow some tire tracks and the spotty radiation trail left by whoever stole the plutonium. Both trails led, eventually, to a major interstate freeway across the desert, where they were quickly lost. Firestarter, who has just been retconned again, and is now The Arsonist, remembers that he can fly the X-Jet and takes it after the team, picking them up and saving the walk back. The team are groping for leads when they get a psychic "call" from Professor X; Magneto is attacking Sydney! 

Magneto is attacking Westfield Paramatta! A major shopping center on the outskirts of Sydney ("mall" to any Seppos reading). The area has been cordoned off by the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers from the local Lancer Barracks, the ASLAVs and Bradleys of the Light Horsemen holding a perimeter as the soldiers try to placate the mad mutant. The ADF is more than happy to let the team past in the hopes that all the dangerous mutants kill each other and they can get down the pub early. As our heroes approach Westfield, they can hear Magneto monologue-ing to anyone within earshot about the terrorists that he has stopped and how he had defended the weak humans that fear him so. Spiderstrike moves forward and asks what Magneto is up to, the villain replies that he is trying to stop the Breeder Bombs and has retrieved the plutonium core to protect the "worthless humans". For some reason, Spiderstrike forgets everything he knows about the situation and starts asking for in-depth descriptions of the Breeder Bombs and interrupting during the answers. An exasperated Magneto mutters something about being above this sort of thing before flinging the plutonium container into the upper atmosphere and flying off. The team resolve to use Spiderstrike's grating personality as a weapon more often.

Acting on new orders from Professor X, the team fly to Central America and find a cyclopean pyramid hidden in the mountains. Trekking down a long tunnel, our heroes see three warped figures coming towards them, they are quickly identified as Deviants, a long-lost demi-human race from the undercities of the Earth. Sonic Tsunami lays down a sheet of water and Mazilla freezes it with his atomic breath into a slippery slide of doom! Koga produces light clones and dashes off down the corridor, slipping on the ice. In unison, all of the light clones slip up as well.  Laughing cruelly, the Deviants close in for the kill... 

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