Monday, May 8, 2017

Superhero Media: Sky High

I have a vague memory of watching this film years ago and finding it to be utter dross, so when I settled in to give it another go for Superhero Media, I braced for the worst. Sky High is actually pretty damn entertaining at times, sure it suffers from being a Disney "family" film and will never compete with the likes of The Dark Knight or Civil War, but for what it is, it's quite good. When searching for pictures for this article, I found the following:
demonstrating that Sky High has something of a cult following out there. Not being one for nostalgia, I don't have a strong pre-adolescent emotional attachment to the teenage characters, but the fact that Lynda Carter, Kurt Russel and Bruce Campbell play roles is pretty damn awesome. Lynda Carter even has a joke about not being Wonder Woman which got a big laugh from me. 

The soundtrack is also worth a mention, it features some of my favourite bands, like They Might Be Giants, The Smiths and Talking Heads, pretty fucking cool for a Disney film. I'm not one for gritty reboots, but I honestly would enjoy a "10-ish years later" or school reunion version of Sky High. The disconnect between childhood expectations and the crushing reality of adult life would make for interesting characterisation when viewed through the lens of superheroic life. Maybe Layla has gone full-blown Poison Ivy or Warren Peace has walked down the path of villainy? Will Magenta not be able to find work and be forced into the life of a fetish actor in adult films? Can the Stronghold family function as a trio, or will there be friction when the youngest member is also the most powerful? Food for though.

Sky High is made very much with children in mind, but there is plenty to enjoy if you're prepared to let it be what it is. Perhaps not a lot of fodder for gaming, but there are fun characters, a great soundtrack and a handful of awesome actors to keep you going through the "growing pains" segments and school drama nonsense. Not going into my rotation, but certainly worth a watch if you haven't seen it. 

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