Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Champions of the Omniverse: Part 11

With Deviants closing in on a momentarily helpless Koga, Spidertrike decides that he doesn't care about his teammate and suggests abandoning him.  Firenado and Sonic Tsunami blast fire and ice down the hallway to take out one of the Deviants, who advance with no heed to their wounded companion. With a combination of Firenado's flames, Sonic Tsunami's ice and Manzilla's tail spikes, the Champions blast away the remaining deviants long before Koga picks himself up. Traveling into the centre of the pyramid, our heroes find a massive computer complex guarded by the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Magneto, Toad, Blob, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for those keeping score at home). But there is a twist; a second Magneto is chained to the wall at the back of the chamber! 

Before Magneto can start up another famous monologue, Spiderstrike is shoved forward to begin his now typical abuse, a moment or two in and he is blasted into unconsciousness by Scarlet Witch's Hex Bolts. Needing no further excuse, the Champions of the Omniverse charge in to avenge their comrade! Mazilla tackles Toad to the ground and flings his tail spikes at the conscious Magneto, who deflects them easily with some handy debris. Koga, demonstrating his magnanimous nature, runs forward and tends to Spiderstrike, narrowly avoiding the Blob, who is frozen in a block of ice by Sonic Tsunami. Rippling his muscle and fat, Blob brakes free, just as Quicksilver dashes past and pummels Gigawatt before retreating. Sick of being a punching bag for the entire adventure, Gigawatt chases down the speedy mutant and beats him to a bloody pulp. Firenado trades fire with Scarlet Witch's Hex Bolts and Mazilla decides to return fire with Toad's unconscious body, which bounces off Magneto's debris shield and shatter, revealing that he, and by extension all of the Evil Mutants, are actually sophisticated robot duplicates! 

Sonic Tsunami, calling upon the memories in the temporary time-line, recalls that the Sentinels once constructed a robotic Magneto, the very Magneto the team now battles! Firenado is downed by the Hex Bolts of the robotic Scarlet Witch, but is quickly avenged by Gigawatt beating the robot into parts and Spiderstrike tending to his downed comrade. Koga has his light clones hassle the robotic Magneto whilst he tries to free the (probably) real one, he is inadvertently helped by Manzilla, who charges through robo-neto's debris shield and knocks him aside. In retaliation, robot Magneto flings the body of robotic Toad at Manzilla, wounding the mighty beast of a hero, whose return blows can't find their mark. Sticking to his typical heroic approach, Spiderstrike dodges around Blob, hurling small rocks and fat jokes until he is caught and brought down by the obese mutant. Robot Magneto flings Koga into Manzilla under a barrage of Sonic Tsunami's water hammers. With a scream of rage, the real Magneto wakes up and everything goes to hell. The robot Evil Mutants shatter into metal filings and our heroes are knocked off their feet. Magneto floats regally down to the floor and is about to thank his rescuers when he sees who they are. 
"I'm going to deactivate the breeder bombs," grunts Magneto, "you jerks are welcome" 
With that, Magneto walks out of the pyramid, pausing only to spit on the unconscious Spiderstrike.

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