Friday, October 16, 2020

From the Archives - Vol 2

Whilst digging through old photos for images of my Firefight stuff, I came across some pictures of a SuperSystem game I played years ago. I think this may have even been 3rd Edition, given the terrain and figures I was using. I've captioned the pictures as best I can remember, but don't expect great things. 

 Colonel Quantum battles a darkness-wielding foe. 

 The enigmatic villains have captured the VIP! 

 The Anachronism charges headlong into the wave of henchmen. 

 Wildcat moves in on the flank. 

 Particle Man is blasted into unconsciousness by an electrical arc. 

 Foul henchmen move through the graveyard. 

 USAwesome aided by Der Flieger (evidently on layover from WWII), defend the high-tech computer. We must have played two games that day. 

 Looks like Wildcat managed to get the VIP, I remember he worked a lot better in SS3 because the Super Leap power could function off Agility. 

 Wildcat blasts away with his pistol, which is never truly effective in a Superhero setting. 

 The villains close in on the summoning circle. 

 Henchmen patrol the grounds. 

 Golden Girl wades into the fray. 

 The Frontier Spirit braves the vortex of evil energy to fend off the villain. 

 The 2nd Amendment lays down covering fire. 

 Der Flieger puts jackboot to enemy face. 

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