Friday, November 20, 2020

Miniatures Finished: Revolutionary Guard

At the time of writing, it's July 2018 and I have two teams to complete for the (long-awaited) French Revolution supers campaign. I'm aiming for the first game (a raid on the Bastille) to be on the weekend of Bastille Day 2019 (let's see how that goes). There are also several NPC "characters" that will turn up, including the Revolutionary Guard. 

 Eureka Miniatures 

After these and the Napoleonic Russian in my Anachronauts, I'm swearing off Horse and Musket wargaming for life, such a pain to paint. 

As usual, here's the SuperSystem 4 stats, you'll notice I use them for other "police force" types as well: 

Name: SWAT/Revolutionary Guard/Fascist Police Force
BP: 85
Affiliation: None
AP: 6
Strike: 5
Strength: 4
Dodge: 3
Sense: 3
Toughness: 3
Mind: 3
Resolve: 4
Damage: 6/6  
Bodyguard – May become the target of Toughness Damaging attacks targeting friend within 3”
Entangle 5 – 3AP 15” range, Models struck are Immobilised
Scope 2 – Remove 2 bonus Dodge dice due to range for targets of Ranged Attacks
Weapon 2
Ranged Attack 6 (does Knockback)  
Henchmen Team – 5 Members

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