Thursday, January 30, 2020

Miniatures Finished: 13/03/2018

Steady progress is the best progress, I find. 

 Earthworm Jim is a 3D print a friend found on eBay, he's a little small, but captures the look of the cartoon nicely. 
"Sewer Monster" from Big Trouble in Little China, part of a North Star miniatures set. 
The Spoiler, Heroclix, but another pretty nice one, especially given the character's relative obscurity. 

 Dracula from Studio Miniatures, supposed to evoke Christopher Lee, but reminds me a little of Leslie Nielsen. 
Doctor Doom, a Heroclix I use with my SOTR Latveria army, probably a little big, just did some touch-ups on him. 
Mad Jim Jaspers, Eureka Civilian, was the best I could find, I think the white hat and purple umbrella help bring this class Captain Britain villain to life. 


  1. Nice , especially Mad Jim Jaspers

  2. Needed him for my MI-13 games last year, a little disappointed there isn't a Heroclix version.

  3. That’s a cool collection of figures, I have the same Spoiler mini awaiting painting too!