Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Guardians of the Frozen City - Part I

The Frostgrave campaign got off to a start, finally, and the Guardians were out hunting for treasures in the ruins. Because of the number of players, I needed to use my necropolis terrain, so not all of the action was frozen and sadly, not too many pictures were taken. I hope the brief description will tide you guys over enough until the second round. 

"What d'you make of this place Warlock?" Peter Quill pulled the helmet from his head and dusted off the rapidly melting snow. 
"Perhaps some kind of lingering enchantment protects this area from the elements?" puzzled Adam Warlock, as he mystically probed the area with his Soul Gem. 
"But why a graveyard?" piped up Rocket, "d'ast creep if y'ask me." 
Before Cosmo could fire a telepathic retort at Rocket, the ground was peppered with arrows and a cry went out from behind a ruined church. 
"Stand thee away, unless thou seekest the wrath of the Eternal Champions!" 
"Did those apes just fling sticks at us?" demanded Gamora. 
"Arm up, Guardians!" Quill slammed his helmet back down and thumbed the safety off his blaster. 

The game was a simple treasure hunt, with six treasures up for grabs, the Guardians were able to grab two before my terrible rolling and the loss of Rocket mad discretion seem like the better option. As you can see, the monsters had a taste for Gamora, but she made a good accounting of herself, taking them all down without a scratch. 
Still not completely sold on the game, but my opponent is always fun to play and I know for a fact that it was my poor rolling that spoiled it for me this time (Adam didn't cast a single spell successfully!). Rocket will miss a game, but I had enough coin to hire on Drax, Mantis and Pip for a full warband. Hopefully the Guardians will be more victorious before too long. 

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