Wednesday, August 28, 2019

MI:13 - Part X

The team is understandably anxious as they prepare for what could be their last mission, even the return of Purple Shadow (back from a dangerous real estate-related mission) is met more with grim determination than celebration. In short order, the teleportation ritual is completed by Pete Wisdom, Wizlord and Quincey Harker and the team step into the circle to face their destiny. In a flash of mystic light, the quartet of heroes find themselves on the deck of a gigantic sailing ship, far wider than even the Victory, with seven masts and traces of circuitry woven through the planks. Vampires of all forms surround our heroes, closing ranks quickly as they're spotted, protecting the poop deck where Lilith waits, standing by a ship's wheel manned by an incongruent pirate. Knowing where their target is, the team leap into action! 

Sandman changes into his sand form and slithers up the deck, only to be stopped in his tracks by a blast of magic from Lilith, knocking him out cold. Purple Shadow dives straight into the fight, battering her way through the vampire soldiers, though she suffers wounds of her own as she does so, Union Jack joins his comrade, but is intercepted by an elder vampire. The Medic heals Sandman back to consciousness as he passes his strength onto Purple Shadow, not wanting to almost die again, Sandman changes to his sand form and moves under the boards of the deck. Union Jack fends off multiple vampires, their bites and raking claws unable to penetrate his ridiculous defenses, as Purple Shadow finishes off the remaining vampire soldiers. With a clear line to their enemy, Purple Shadow and Union Jack charge at Captain Fate, but the mysterious pirate fends off their blows with his flashing, golden blade. 

Sandman and the Medic move up to support their teammates, the latter healing the sympathetic damage he took earlier, mystical blasts from Lilith scattering wide around them as they advance. Union Jack batters Captain Fate with his crushing fist, but the cursed pirate refuses to buckle; fortunately, Purple Shadow, wielding her mysterious aura like a blade, brings the villain down, proving herself the superior hero. As the magically-bound ship around them starts to break up, Union Jack and Purple Shadow find themselves drawn to the golden sword, still grasped by the unconscious Captain Fate; Union Jack reaches for the blade, but just as his fingers are about to brush the hilt, the crash of splintering wood fills the air. Dark energy swirling around him, Dracula himself strides onto the deck of the sip, roaring in rage as he realises that his plan is failing and he will soon burn up in the atmosphere of Earth. 

Before the team can react, Dracula has crossed to Purple Shadow and run her through with his broadsword, her limp body falls to the deck and blood pools around it. The Medic, sensing the immense power flowing through Dracula's form, attempts to drain his strength away, but receives only pain for his efforts. "Thinking" on his feet, Union Jack kicks the cursed sword of Captain Fate towards Dracula, who sneers and flicks it away with his own blade. Sandman is next to join the fight, stabbing with blades of hardened glass, but the weapons shatter on impact, Dracula's retaliation leaves the veteran hero fighting for life on the deck. Desperate for a weapon, Union Jack rips the ships wheel off its stand and swings wildly at Dracula, failing to connect with anything other than the deck. As Dracula rips shreds of flesh from Union Jack's bones, the Medic wonders how they can possibly survive the Lord of the Undead. 

Through the impending concussion, Union Jack hears the squelch of his radio, and the voice of Pete Wisdom tells him to stand clear. With a flash of light, another magic portal opens and through it steps the might of MI-13, including not only Wisdom and Psylocke, but also Manchester Black, Spitfire, Thin Man, Black Knight, UNIT soldiers and their scientific advisor. Dracula laughs and mocks the heroes for thinking this will be enough to stop him, but his gloating is cut short by a loud booming sound and a second portal opening. Yes, it is a Boom Tube and the Champions of the Omniverse have arrived! Union Jack takes a moment to note that the skull-masked Ulysses is not among the Champions, but now is not the time for reflection. UNIT open up with blessed silver bullets, keeping Dracula pinned in place long enough for the heroes with long-range powers to provide a more powerful blast, staggering the monster. 

Union Jack, Manzilla and Thin Man go in next, pinning down their target as the ranged attacks break off. The magically-powered heroes, including Pete Wisdom and Black Knight drive their weapons into the writhing form of Dracula, who staggers under the combined assault. Knowing that this is the best chance the heroes are likely to get, Koga activates the Motherboxx, opening several Boom Tubes at once, sending the British heroes back to England, giving an escape route to the Champions and transporting the all-but-helpless Dracula straight into the Sun. Our heroes watch a spectacular light show from a hill in Devon as Fate's ship burns up in the atmosphere; the Medic heals any injured he finds whilst the Gregarious Gigawatt draws Purple Shadow, Sandman, Union Jack and Psylocke aside. The Champion asks what happened to the Motherboxx they left the Crooked World with. Purple Shadow explains the encounter with Ulysses and Gigawatt pales; that was a grave mistake, Ulysses is one of the Champion's most dangerous foes...

To be continued? 

A big thanks to Liam, Carol, Nim, Jacob and Ryan for playing my campaign and putting up with my lack of interest in the latter half. SuperSystem's RPG addition is adequate, but I think I still prefer the TSR Marvel Super Heroes game for this particular genre. SuperSystem, despite being one of my favourite miniatures game, is pretty open to abuse and power gaming if that kind of mindset is something your players bring in. So with that in mind, I can't really recommend it as an RPG, though I may give it another go in the future. 

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