Tuesday, March 29, 2016

5 Online Superhero Comics worth checking out

Need a quick supers fix and don't like the attention that the latest issue of Atomic Robo brings you in the lunchroom? Well whip out your phone and give these a go. None of them are Watchmen, but you'll scratch that Supers itch just fine. 

The Gutters 
Actually a series about the comic book industry, The Gutters can require some "insider information" at times to enjoy the gags, but the jokes are clever enough that you'll get a snicker anyway. If you're the kind of comics fan that likes taking shots at Rob Lyfeld and the amount of times the Flash has died, this one is for you. 
The Specialists 
A WWII superhero comic set in a world where German super-humans have kept the war ticking over through 1945. The line quality of the art and the broad Golden Age cliches belie a pretty interesting comic that delves as much into the social and racial issues of the time as it does the necessity to have super-humans wage a war that's spinning out of control. At one page per week, The Specialists may seem slow, but I know I'm hooked already. 
Dragonball Multiverse 
(Ongoing) I've mentioned DBM before, but if you're like me (a DB fan sick of Goku power-creep), give it a go. The story is a tournament between all of the parallel universes of DB, but that's just a device to explore the possibilities of the universe, all the "what ifs?" (Yes, that's Videl doing a Kaioken and wielding the Z Sword!) The quality varies, but characters like The Namekian and Android Yamacha keep me coming back to check out the new story lines every couple of months. 
Bob & George 
Man, I used to read this in High School. So, the original idea behind this was a superhero comic, but the creator couldn't draw very well, so he did a Megaman sprite comic to fill in while he practiced. The fill-in became so popular that it took on a life of it's own and ran for years. It's silly, it's played for laughs, but in-between the jokes about Megaman being an idiot or industrial strength ice cream, there can be some pretty good action. Time travel, multiple dimensions and an apocalypse speak well to traditional supers tropes. 
Super Stupor! 
(On Hiatus) 
Created as a side project by Randy Millholland of Something*Positive, Super Stupor is another parody comic, this time focusing on the traditions and history of comics rather than the industry itself. Not it fails to take, well-deserved, shots at women in refrigerators and One More Day. Again, not much of it there to read, but worth your time. 

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