Monday, March 14, 2016

First Game of Batman Miniatures Game

Well, it had to happen sooner or later, I played a game of BMG. I admit that I've been wary of the game, the miniature price point vs quality was of concern, but mostly I just feel that I have a couple of good Supers Miniature games already, so why drop $80 on a book just to use a smaller variety of figures? But, a couple of club mates wanted to give it a try, so I broke out the city terrain (with new, Deep Cut Studios mat) and some DC Superheroes. 

 The new mat really makes the table pop! 
The scenario was pretty simple, Bane (played by Clayface) had just robbed the Bank of Latveria and Green Arrow was out to stop him. No turn limit, just playing out the game to test the rules. 

 Baneface steps out of the local branch, having made a major withdrawal. 

 Star City's green-clad, socialist archer, Oliver Queen, swings into action! 

 Green Arrow looses a trio of shots, wearing down Bane before he can move! 

 As one of the world's greatest mercenaries somehow forgot to bring a weapon, he dives for cover in the shadow of a nearby Dodge. 

 Without a target, Ollie is forced to re-position... 

 ...running along the monorail line like a true hero. 

 Bane is so sinister, he neglects to "Touch On" his myki. Also, the station is evidently unlit at night, so it may be Frankston. 

 Green Arrow finally gets close enough, but I misjuged the CPs and didn't get a chance to shoot. 

 Bane charges up the carriage... 

 ...decking our hero in one hit. 

I can't say I'm in love with the BMG rules after one game, even taking into account that we only had one character per side and didn't know the rules. I like that points have to be allocated before actions, but I'd prefer doing that before turn order is decided, rather than after, just to add to the strategic thinking. I like that characters draw from the same special rules, rather than each having unique ones, but the downloadable stat cards that we had didn't seem to tell us much and there was a lot of flipping back and forth in the book, just to find out that a character had a re-roll or similar, the kind of information that could be on the card with a simple symbol. I'm sure I'll play more games in the future, as some of my clubmates are more keen on the Batman mythos than me, but with SuperSystem, Pulp Alley and Ultimate Alliance, I don't see this as being a major challenger. Plus, I can hardly get people playing SS4, so I'm not keen on the competition either.


  1. Once you know your crew. Make a cheat sheet of all there abilities it speeds up play.

    Taking a couple of henchmen might of given you a different game even just one more changes the way things work out.

    1. I will certainly try the game again, with better reference materials. May give me an excuse to paint up my King Models Lobo as well.

  2. Do you have any tips, or tutorials on your modern terrain?

    1. Lasercut kits are a great place to start, espcially Sarissa, Mad Mecha Guy and Knights of Dice. The interiors can be quickly detailed to really make the pieces pop.