Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Superhero Media: Myth Hunters

Another good find on Netflix, though I had seen a couple of episodes on SBS2 a couple of years ago, I was glad to be able to give the whole series a go. Labelled as a "documentary", Myth Hunters does look pretty sensationalist on the surface, searching for the "hidden truth" of Crystal Skulls, Noah's Ark and the Holy Grail. However, what Myth Hunters is about beneath the surface gloss is the men and woman who have dedicated their lives to finding these mysterious items, amazing people like Karl Mauch, who discovered amazing anthropological sites and was about as close to Doc Savage as any real person could ever have been. For those who consider documentaries "light entertainment", this may well be worth a quick binge between Attenboroughs

What Myth Hunters can offer the supers gamer is plenty of fodder for Golden Age gaming. Especially if you're keen on the idea of inter-war Mystery Men going toe-to-toe with "fiendish" Nazi magicians, seeking a fast path to world domination, Indiana Jones style. True, Indy has already dealt with crystal skulls, the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, but items and places like the Germanica, King Solomon's mines and El Dorado are ripe for interpretation in miniature, with Lobster Johnson or Phantomah ready to defend against the terrors of the Third Reich. I can see Lobster Johnson tangling with Baron Blood over a ruined temple in my future already! May also be an excuse to paint up Kroenen and some more zombies, who knows what power the Book of Thoth holds, after all? 

If you're an avid Pulp Alley gamer, give Myth Hunters a watch, you won't be disappointed with what you find. I was hoping for something good to paint to, but I was rewarded with a programme with a decent amount of thought put into it and some great reconstructions. I'm off to paint some more Golden Age heroes and Nazi agents.  

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