Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ultimate Alliance: Civil War - Part I

With the recent battle between Batman and Superman having left an entire city in ruins, the Superhero Registration Act is primed to be signed into law by Congress. This creates a divide in the superhuman community, with Captain America coming to represent those making a stand against the Act and Iron Man leading those working for it. Some heroes, such as Doctor Strange and Superman, elect not to take a side, staying out of the brutal conflict between friends and colleagues. 

Yes, Little Wars Melbourne approaches again and it's time to prepare for some super-heroic action! This year, I'm capitalising on the big summer movies, especially Captain America: Civil War, with two teams of mixed heroes going toe-to-toe. I'm yet to finalise the teams, but so far the playtests are going well and I may even be ready a little early!

Pro-SRA Deployment 

Standard table glamour-shots.

The fight we all paid to see! 

The ground shakes as Luke Cage and She-Hulk come to blows! 
Iron Man wasn't expecting a ninja strike from the shadows. 

She-Hulk brings down Captain America. 

Cage flees to fight another day. 

I think I have the team balance right at the moment, expanding it to six-hero teams and a couple more play tests should see me right. This time around, there's not so much to prepare, so hopefully I can add some real polish to the game. Excelsior!  

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